Help Us Spread the Word

I’m thrilled to welcome you to our newly expanded website. At Dancing Well: The Soldier Project, we’re dedicated to bringing the healing power of music, dance, and community to veterans and families coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

You’ll find something for everyone on our new site, so please take a few minutes to look around. Here you can learn about the incidence of PTSD and TBI among veterans in the United States and explore our response to the problem through our unique dance and community programs.

You can learn about the values that inform our every step, about our history, and about our plans for future expansion to help restore the well-being of affected veterans and families across the nation.

Here you can meet veterans whose lives have been touched by dancing with us and hear their stories. As a veteran, you can learn more about what to expect at one of our dances and how to register to join in the dancing.

As a family member, you can learn about the supportive family environment at our dances and the opportunity we provide for connecting and networking with other veteran families. You can also learn about the options we offer for child care during our dances – giving parents a “date night out” or offering a fun evening of dance to be shared by the whole family.

As a veteran, family member, or other individual affected by PTSD or TBI, you can submit your own experiences to be shared on our PTSD/TBI Blog. You can read about the experiences of others and connect with those who face similar challenges.

For those looking for a way to help, you can learn about making a donation, holding a fundraiser, or volunteering your time and skills to Dancing Well. We welcome volunteers both near and far. Behind each dance series and every veteran we help are hundreds of volunteers who make it all possible.

You’ll find many ways to get involved on our site, and if our cause speaks to your heart, please contact us to learn more. We currently seek volunteers for our upcoming dance series beginning January 12, 2016, and many other roles.

Finally, we created this site to help spread the word about our mission and our work. Please help us by sharing our website, photos, and blog posts with others. If you haven’t already, “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Tell the people you know about us and what we do.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

—Deborah Denenfeld, Executive Director