We are grateful to our partners for helping us make a difference in the lives of veterans and families affected by PTSD and brain injury.



Participating veterans and family members serve as active partners in Dancing Well. Through ongoing feedback, they help us understand the challenges of PTSD and brain injury. They also play a key role in outreach, recruiting, fundraising, and visioning.

Veterans and veteran organizations provide critical volunteer support, as well, helping Dancing Well with photo documentation, dance partnering, and venue, among other needs. We are grateful to a veterans organization in Louisville for providing our beautiful dance space at no charge, to John Nation for donating his amazing photography, to the local VA Medical Center for assisting us in recruitment efforts and to the many vets who dance with us as volunteers. 


business Partners

Local and national businesses help support our work with financial donations and donations of refreshments or gift certificates given to our graduates at series' graduations. 

This year we are grateful for the support of these restaurants. Please frequent them and thank them for supporting Dancing Well: The Soldier Project and our work with veterans and loved ones affected by PTSD or brain injury.       (in alphabetical order)




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Community Partners

We currently seek generous Community Partners to make ongoing dancing for veterans and families a reality. Contact Deborah@DancingWell.org for more information on this vital role.


Dance Partners

Dancing Well “Dance Partners” are organizations, clubs, and dance groups that provide financial support to Dancing Well through donations and fundraisers. Contact Deborah@DancingWell.org or click here for more information and to view a list of our current Dance Partners.


Country Dance and Song Society

The Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) serves as Dancing Well’s fiscal sponsor. CDSS is a national leader in promoting participatory dance, music, and song with roots in English and North American culture and their living traditions. CDSS sponsorship provides Dancing Well with legal and tax-exempt status and some administrative support, but no direct funding. To learn more about this vital organization, click here.