Veterans, loved ones, and volunteers alike enjoy the fun, fellowship, and sense of well-being that are the hallmark of community dance. Veteran participants report improved relationships and a clear reduction in symptoms.


Louisville Dance Series Outcomes

*Outcomes reported three months after completing series

Veterans who completed the Louisville dance series reported improved mood, memory, sleep, physical health, and outlook on the future, as well as decreased anxiety and pain levels. They also reported feeling less isolated and that their relationships with family, friends, and others had improved. These benefits were constant in surveys given immediately following the series and three months later.

You know, it’s really amazing – you start us off with just walking and pretty soon the music starts and we’re dancing. We don’t even realize it, and now we’re dancing. And once we get going, I can’t stop smiling. All my cares just slip away, and I feel really good.
— Veteran Participant

Veteran families gain, as well, reporting better relationships with partners and parents and the many benefits that come from interacting and networking with other families coping with PTSD and brain injury.

Dancing Well seeks to replicate these outcomes by training others to lead dance with afflicted veterans and their families, ultimately helping veterans and families across the country.

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